Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lazy Links

My brain is just fried right now. Completely fried. I really have nothing to say at the moment, so here's some links to look at. My laziness knows no bounds.

-Crazy end to the Heat-Warriors game.

-You Been Blinded has the funny and the sad of NFL players and guns. There's paralyzed Jacksonville Jaguar Richard Collier giving his first interview after getting shot, and then there's Plaxico Jackass Burress In Da Club.

-Rich Tocchet and Steve Downie are back in town tonight.

-And since everyone is posting Derrick Rose taking Andre Miller to school, here it is. (Sorry Andre, I tried to stave it off, but man, you got rocked.)

-No arbitration for Moyer of Burrell.

-Austin Burton would like to remind you that Jason Richardson can still dunk:

I saw J-Rich win the dunk contest in person at the Wachovia Center. That guy can just fly. Good to see him bringing back the dunk.

-The nastiest crossovers:

-Former 76er Rodney Rogers was injured in an ATV accident. Sounds pretty serious.

-Some awesome hits from the 2008 season.

-Some much deserved love for Jeff Carter.

-You gotta love hockey, especially when the players mix it up with fans.

-Plaxico calls 911.

-The Nittany Lion was arrested for DUI last week and will most likely miss the Rose Bowl.

-A nice article on Penn State's Rose Bowl season.

-Leitch discusses newspapers, along with his NFL rankings—Eagles-16.

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