Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chain Links

I came across one the best posts I've ever read, which inspired me to ignore my work duties and find some more links.

-First, let's give you some of Captain Caveman's brilliant words:

The Steelers are the cancer of football teams: it usually wins, it’s a depressing pain in the ass, and anyone who cheers for it is an asshole.

Go ahead and count me as Pittburgh Steeler Hater Number One. I fucking LOATHE the Steelers. I despise them far more than any other franchise on the planet. And that’s saying a lot, because if the Italian national soccer team’s chartered jet collided with the Yankees’ team plane, I’d happily burn my penis jerking off on the flaming wreckage.

No, what makes the Steelers the most loathsome team in all of sports are their dickface fans. The front-running fucks who fill up sports bars in their jerseys all over the country. Funny how Pittsburgh is one of the smallest markets in the NFL, penned in regionally by teams from Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia, and yet its fans are miraculously strewn all over the country in large numbers. Why, it’s almost as if most of them only became die-hard fans because the team is so successful!

FUCK YOU, Steelers fans. Fuck your shitty city, fuck your shitty field, fuck your excellent football team, and FUCK YOU.

The purveyors of this site couldn't have said it better ourselves.

-Asante Samuel and Brain Dawkins were named to the Pro Bowl as reserves. Why? I have no idea.

-My boy Antone gives Dionte Christmas some love.

-Funny quote Phil Dawson:

When asked how it felt to eclipse the franchise record for most field goals in a season, Phil Dawson, kicker of the 4-10 Cleveland Browns, said: "There's an old saying back in Texas that says, 'You know that white speck on top of chicken poop? It's still chicken poop.'"

-Shawn Marion is a perfect fit for the Cavs.

-Nate Robinson went off last night.

-T-Mac had a triple-double last night.

-SLAM has a new design. I'd love to link to some shit, but I can't find anything on there yet. It's too early to really judge, but I don't think I like it.

-For more redesigns, Deadspin's sucks while Hugging Harold Reynolds' is cool.

-Visual evidence of Starbury attending the Knicks-Lakers game in LA as a fan.

-Inside the Paterno contract negotiations.

-I just love this headline: "Danny Briere continues MVP season for Flyers"

-Shoals talks of the age limit and the rising of the point guard. Oh, and he gives us this:

I love Josh Smith. There, I said it. Wish we had him instead of Brand and/or Iguodala.

-Kevin Newsome is awesome.

Find more videos like this on PrepTicket

-The sports page is loaded with good articles today: The Siran Stacy tragedy, McNabb's future in Philadelphia, Bill Conlin's take on Ibanez and Park, Some love for Jason Avant.

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, what did the Italian national team ever do to anyone, especially you?

  2. p.s.s. Nate Robinson sucks and his dunk contest win was a joke.

  3. i didn't write it. i just like the pittsburgh sucks part. And, I like Nate Robinson a lot. He was one of my favorite players when he was at Washington. It's not his fault Kenny Smith is an idiot and the judges robbed Iguodala. And the Big East sucks.

  4. that ish about the Steelers is classic. me personally, replace "Steelers" with "Cowboys" and that's about exactly how I feel. Well, replace The Azzure with The Lakers and Yankees team planes colliding. Perfect.

    I like this blog a lot, I will be coming back, check me out when you get the chance!


  5. Yeah, I definitely hate the Cowboys and Giants a lot more. In fact, the Steelers never bothered me until I went to Penn State. Four years of those Pittsburghers hating on Philly really brought up emotions I never knew I had. Now, I cannot root for the other PA city.

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  8. Replacing the Italian soccer team with the Lakers definitely makes more sense.

    Campioni del mondo, bitches.

  9. Yeah, I fuckin' hate Deadspin's new design. It's looking more and more like AJ could become the Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope of that site.

    But I miss HHR's shitty little old design. It had personality, like when you buy shitty beer just for fun.

  10. yeah, i never like change ... but i do like shitty beer. and TITS!