Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ranting and Linking

In the interest of disclosure, I'd like to state that I am 24 years old. In March, I will be 25. That means, during my formidable years in college, Facebook made its dizzying debut. At first, it was an interesting little thing that allowed people to set up accounts and connect, or reconnect, with a bevy of people with similar interests, from similar schools or whatever. At least, that's what I've been told. I never set up a Facebook account.

As the site has grown bigger and bigger, friends and acquaintances often tell me check out this picture on Facebook or ask if I got the Facebook invite, to which I reply, "No, I don't have Facebook." It's reached the point where virtually everyone in the world has a Facebook page, even my dad, and more and more people are encouraging me to set up a profile. Hell, just last night a jerkoff friend of mine sends this message: "Ps u r still on IM u should join fbook n advertise ur blog"

Wow. Exciting! I can advertise a site I created for my own sanity to a bunch of people I don't care about. Great! He also let me know it's great to talk to and get chicks, which has been the sentiment shared by others as well. I have to say, that does sound pretty great. But I'm not joining Facebook. You know why? I already spend all my time on the Internet bringing you articles and blog posts and video clips and spend the remainder of my time watching sports. If I was on Facebook too, I don't think I'd ever go outside again. So I say, fuck Facebook. If you like it, enjoy, but don't go pushing it on me. I don't call you and tell you to set up a blogger account every fucking day, so don't be forcing your Facebook religion on me …

Now onto the links.

-Very insightful article by Damien Cox on the whole Sean Avery suspension issue and professional sports.

-Phils make an offer to Derek Lowe.

I think Lowe would be a perfect fit for the Phils, seeing as he is a ground ball pitcher and has an excellent track record in the postseason.

-Donovan was not aware his wife could have twins.

Congrats, Donny.

-Briere is out 4-5 weeks.

-Elton Brand sucked so bad last night that he hurt himself.

-Tawmy has something to say to Ryan Clark.

-Rodney Rogers was paralyzed from the shoulders down. Sad.

-Dr. Lawyer Indian Chief links to If Wu-Tang Members Were Basketball Players.

-What athletes want for Christmas.

-Uncool white basketball players (hint: they're all from Duke).

-Philly's own Cuttino Mobley may retire due to his heart condition.

-Yeah, that's a good dunk.

-The Mullet is back at ESPN.

-Al Golden prefers Temple over Syracuse.

-Top 10 American ballers in Europe.

-Khalil Greene was traded to the Cardinals.


  1. i must agree 1000 percent of the facebook shit. i also will never waste time messing with that shit. I leave that Gina. That would take away time from either going out/watching games/playing video games/playing ice hockey. so fuck that shit. as for your fathers page he just has so he can spy on Maria and bullshit with Kaitlin and whoever else would give him the time of day on there. Whoever invented these kind of sites should have his balls blown off and then set on fire

  2. What ever happened to meeting girls in bars or between periods of the hockey in the beer line

  3. yo do you have facebook yet? you should totally get it.

  4. I agree whole-heartedly on that Facebook shit. I've never been on MySpace, and I damn sure ain't going anywhere near Facebook.

    There is a reason I'm not in touch with assholes from my past who I never enjoyed spending time with in the first place -- they are assholes and I never enjoyed spending time with them.

    Why the fuck would I want to talk to them on the computer? Eckgh. People disgust me.

    Facebook is for people who used to play The Sims.

  5. everyone, go to The Fightins and support meech. I like the way this man thinks.

  6. lolz@Deadspin combining with Facebook. You see that shit? Needless to say, I'll be going there once a day now just to read what Daulerio put up.

  7. The Balls is the shit. He worked at the same newspaper as me in Fort Washington, albeit 10 years earlier. Solid dude. Gave me his cell number, left him a message and he called me on my way home from work. Talked to him for 20 min. as a young 22 year old.

    And Facebook is ghey

  8. PS, these two comments were done under Adam EatShit's name, who never writes anything, but it's actually the Rev. b/c the idiot left himself signed in on the community laptop downstairs. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, Adam is an idiot.