Thursday, December 11, 2008

Devlin Done at Penn State

This morning, I received a text message 2 minutes after I woke up by Arkansas Fred that simply read: "Good bye devlin."

Easy enough to understand. Pat Devlin, a standout quarterback from Downingtown East High School, was a big-time college recruit. Schools from across the nation were lining up to acquire his services. Devlin initially chose Miami, but backed out when Larry Coker's job was treading on thin ice and Coker fired the quarterbacks coach. Devlin instead chose to go to Penn State, where he would bide his time before becoming the starting quarterback, quite possibly his sophomore year, but almost certainly his junior year.

Well, that never quite worked out as planned. For some reason or another, Penn State stuck behind Anthony Morelli the past two seasons, even though, you know, he completely sucked. Right then and there, Devlin began to think about transferring. There were people very, very close to him that said he didn't think he was really getting a fair shake by the Penn State coaches, and he was considering transferring to Delaware so he could play right away. But Devlin stayed, decided to compete. However, even when it was time for mop-up duty, it was Daryll Clark who got the nod, not Devlin. And last season, in Penn State's bowl game against Texas A&M, Clark shined.

He played so well that it was pretty much determined from that point on that he would be starter. He was, and an 11-1, Big 10 Championship season later, Clark is firmly planted as next season's starter as well.

That's why news of Devlin's decision to transfer really wasn't news at all. Devlin wants to play and he wants to play as soon as possible. If his past desires are any indication, he will be a Blue Hen next season, most likely as the starter. If not, look for him to go to some IAA program, so he won't have to lose a year of football.

Devlin's Penn State career certainly didn't pan out the way he had planned. He did lead Penn State on the winning drive this season at Ohio State, albeit by handing the ball off. He did throw one pass in that game, which drew a pass interference penalty, and he was under center for the victory, so there's that.

Now his Penn State career is officially done. He won't travel with the team to Pasadena, and he's already been removed from the roster.

As Arkansas Fred so eloquently put it, goodbye Devlin.

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