Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Captain Mike Richards

Mike Richards can be modest all he wants, like last year when he said he wasn't sure if he's ready to be the captain. With the way he plays and leads on the ice, we all knew that was just Mike downplaying himself. And the Flyers knew it, too. So today, Mike Richards became the 17th captain in Flyers history.

Frankly, the Flyers couldn't have picked a better guy. Richards is an immensely talented center that truly is a two-way player. He does it all on the ice, from winning faceoffs to killing penalties, to manning the point on the power play to being one of the best centers in hockey. And oh yeah, he's not afraid to mix it up like some other guys.

Really, this was a no-brainer for the Flyers. Richards is their franchise player. He is their best player. And there's no better person to don the "C" on the Orange and Black.

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