Monday, September 29, 2008

I Like the Phillies and Hate the Mets

And since I'm still furious about the Eagles completely crapping the bed last night, I decided to put up some great clips and images from around the Web from this weekend in baseball, specifically the Phillies clinching and the Mets choking.

Phillies playoff schedule is set.

Brett Myers talks about stuff.

Funny picture.

Another funny picture.

Myers and Feliz give a lady a shower.

Charlie talks, I can barely understand him.

Kyle Kendrick is not on the postseason roster.

Harry K's call.


Florida hates the Mets, too!


  1. Some great vids there Rev. good stuff.

    I've got to be honest, I am very much afraid of this Brewers team. People forget about Yovani Gallardo who was a stud to the tune of a 1.88 ERA in 4 starts to begin the season before hurting his knee. Seeing him in Game 1 (with little scouting on this 22 year old stud) could be troublesome for the Phils.

    Our pitching has been solid but inconsistent and prone to horrible innings and sometimes outings altogether. If we don't win with Cole in Game 1 I don't like our chances in the series because CC has and will continue to prove he's worth 20mill/season. Wednesday night is as big as it gets.

  2. Couldn't agree more. They need Cole to finally step up as the ace of the staff. Let's hope last year taught these guys a thing or two and the Brewers get a little awe-struck in their first visit to the playoffs like the Phils last year.