Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Like Me, the Braves Get Ecstatic When the Mets Lose

Here's a little nugget passed along by Rob Iracane at Walkoff Walk. Apparently, New York Post blogger Brian Costello was in Philadelphia covering the Phillies-Braves to keep Mets fans abreast of what was going on with the team their Mets are chasing.

After the game, he went to interview Chipper Jones and found the Braves gathered around the TV, watching the end of the Mets-Cubs game:

As Derrek Lee singled in the go-ahead run the Braves exploded, cheering on the Cubs. It happened again when Aramis Ramirez homered and a few members of the team and traveling party began singing "Meet the Mets." Others mocked the Kevin James video shown at Shea Stadium where he screams "Let's Go Mets."

Well shit, Atlanta. If you're so pumped to see the Mets lose, you really should have laid down for us the past two nights. You do know that both the Mets and Phillies can't miss the playoffs right? And from the sound of it, you hate the Mets as much as us. Couldn't you have helped us bury them?

Still, even though I despise the Braves, it's pretty cool to see other teams rejoice in the Mets folding.

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