Monday, September 1, 2008

Where am I? September?

The Phillies managed to split a four-game series with the Cubs this weekend. Which if you think about it, was what anyone could have hoped for coming into the series. The Cubs have strong starting pitching, a bullpen that seems to be pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good, and a potent lineup of batters. So we should be happy the Phillies split two games with the best team in the National League, right?

Wrong. Those idiots had a chance to sweep the Chicago in Chicago and their horrible bullpen choked. Ryan Madson is not very good. He really isn't. Somehow Clay Condrey is still on this team. I don't know how. They had a chance to send a message to the whole National League and they blew it. And they wasted another Cole Hamels gem in the process. If I was Cole, I would sue the bullpen and hitters for the 5 million dollars he will lose when he goes to arbitration because they fucked up his wins. Thankfully, we will get help with the September call-ups as Adam Eaton, who couldn't win in the minors, makes his way back up to the big leagues. That will be a HUGE help. I don't know a situation that Charlie could put him in the game and be confident about it.

I am excited to get a chance to see Lou Marson and Golson up with the club. Golson could help in pinch-runner situations immediately. We don't need Kyle Kendrick running the bases as a pinch runner anytime soon again. Also, thank the Lord for Brett Myers. Where has this guy been? If he was pitching like this all year, we'd have a 5 game lead on the Mets right now.

Also, I wish Jerome McDougle wasn't on the Giants, cause I want to actually root for the guy. But I can't and I won't. Huge Penn State win this weekend. They showed they are a lot better than Coastal Carolina. Let's hope Beanie Wells is out for the year. And Michigan lost. I hate Michigan. That whole state is a douchebag. And I got Alumni Penn State tickets for the first time this year with Rev. Paul, and we get stuck in a section with three guys wearing Penn State cowboy hats in front of us. I'm not sure we will last too long in that section. Note to the guys in the cowboy hats and fans in general - Every time your team gets a first down, you don't have to stand up in unison and point in the direction of the first down. We all know it's a first down. It's not funny, it's not cool. It's stupid and annoying and I want to punch you in the fucking face until your nose breaks off. You fucking assholes. I wish bad things for you.

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