Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Funny Cause It's Real

If you don't read Every Day Should Be Saturday, you should. It is an incredibly hilarious, informative college football blog, by none other than Orson Swindle, aka Spencer Hall of The Sporting Blog.

Anyway, he has a great line in today's Curious Index.

Penn State suspends three for Oregon State. Plans come together. Defensive end Maurice Evans, defensive tackle Abe Koroma, and tight end Andrew Quarless are all suspended for Penn State’s game against Oregon State at home, thus playing into our grand plan to make our upset pick for this week play out. (Week two is booooooring, and thus the russian roulette pick here, both because the week is a dull slate, and because Penn State, while provoking no real animus from us, does bore the living shit out of us.)

At Penn State, this is further evidence that the program is OUT OF CONTROL! At Florida, we’d just call this Wednesday.

It's funny because it's real. Things like this get swept under the rug at programs like the U and Florida and Florida State. In the middle of PA, all hell breaks loose.

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