Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Phillies Are Fading … But Football Is Here!

A quick synopsis from last night's Phillies game: Joe Blanton stinks, Ryan Howard hits bombs, Chad Durbin suddenly stinks when the Phils need him most, J.C. is having control issues once again and the Phils are now 3 games back from the Mets. I won't say they're dead in the water. We all saw what happened last year. But it looks like the Mets are pissed and determined not to let a repeat of 2007 happen. This weekend is HUGE!

As frustrating as last night was, there's some good news. 1. The Phillies cannot possibly piss me off tonight because they don't play. 2. The NFL is back! Tonight! Finally!!!!!

Tonight, the wait is over. The defending Super Champion New Jersey Giants (fuck, that's a horrible thing to type) take on the Redskins tonight at 7 in the swamplands of New Jersey. Not exactly the optimal scenery for the first game of 2008, seeing as New Jersey sucks, but Carl Brutananadilewski is pretty pumped about it and he once hung out with John Kruk.

Anyway, the football season is upon, and we Eagles fans get an early glimpse at two division rivals. Starting 7 p.m. tonight, weekends no longer will pass without the beautiful pigskin filling up the airwaves. There will roadtrips to Penn State, like this weekend to take in a clash with Oregon State, and drinking and eating, and not getting off my couch from Saturday to Monday morning unless it involves: a) going to a game; b) going to the bathroom (optional if a piss cup is readily available); or c) get some food.

The glorious season is upon us. Rejoice. Surely, we would all prefer to see the Phils get to October for a second straight season, but history would tell us that won't happen. After all, they've only been to the playoffs twice in my existence. But don't fret, for the NFL is here. Enjoy it while you can. I know I will.

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