Monday, September 22, 2008

Salim Stoudamire, Quote Machine

Salim Stoudamire has been one of my favorite basketball players ever since I laid eyes on him at Arizona. His sweet stroke and fearless release left me mesmerized. Even if he did completely choke in the 2005 tournament to cost me my pool. Had Arizona defeated Illinois in the semifinals (which the Wildcats should have considering they were up huge) and lost to champion UNC, I would have won the pool. But they didn't. And Salim sucked in that game. Big time.

But I got over the complete egg he laid and kept my love for him. When he was drafted by Atlanta, I was excited to see what he could do in the NBA. However, he received very few minutes on some young Hawks squads. But now, Salim is off to San Antonio, presumably to replace Brent Barry, who is off to the Rockets, and his first "press conference" (it's fake in case you are dense) has me excited for Salim again. From the Blowtorch via Skeets:

"The first thing I want to say is, I'm open. All the time. I'm open right now, in fact. Even though sometimes it might look like I'm guarded, trust me — I'm open. I don't know how it always happens, but for whatever reason, I'm always open. I wake up in the morning — open. I get up in the middle of the night to pee — open. I'm driving down the block with my Low End Theory tape in — open. So basically, just get me the rock."

So yeah, get Salim the rock. He's open. Unless he's playing Illinois in the NCAA tournament. I'm not bitter. I swear.

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