Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Seriously Guys, Can't You Stay Out of Trouble for JoePa's Sake?

Not good news coming out of Penn State today. Apparently, police are investigating an "incident" at Nittany Apartments, where many athletes, especially football players, live.

No one has been charged or arrested, but here's some grim news:

Police entered apartment 5204 late last night for unknown reasons. According to the directory, defensive end Maurice Evans, cornerback A.J. Wallace and defensive tackle Abe Koroma live in apartment 5204.

That's not good. Not good at all. Mo Evans is widely regarded as the best defensive end in the Big 10, and A.J. Wallace is a starting corner and return man.

The rumors are flying that this is marijuana-related. Let's hope these guys aren't as dumb as it appears and it's all one big misunderstanding. Seriously guys, can't you just behave for a semester and cut Paterno some slack? Damn.


  1. this makes me sick to my stomach. how dumb are these guys? i really only have sports to look forward to in my life and every team finds some way to suck the life out of me even more.

  2. Face the facts, athletes are dumb and they hate us.