Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Links in the Morning, Writing Later

So in some freakin hilarious news from the NFL, Tatum Bell, who was recently released from the Detroit Lions after the Lions picked up Rudi Johnson, stole Johnson's luggage while Johnson was negotiating his new contract. Fantastic.

Charlie Manuel wants Cole to move up a start, pitching on his normal four days of rest, to face the Mets on Sunday. Cole, ever the baby, isn't so sure.

Asked repeatedly how he felt about that idea, Hamels remained non-committal.

"It's tough because it's so late in the game and I haven't been a good player/teammate with the injuries I've had in the past," Hamels said. "It's kind of a sticky situation. This is something where I want to get past this so I don't have to think about an injury situation ever again."

Seriously Cole, you're a stud, you pitched great last night again, and the team has screwed you time and time again. But man, what a freakin baby.

Fundraiser for Johnny Marz, a man who was 10 times the postgame analyst that Mitch "Ruined My Life" Williams is. RIP Johnny Marz.

Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco.

Oh, yeah, and Lito is unhappy. No link to that because it's pointless to read about.

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