Friday, September 19, 2008

If You Root for Dallas, Bad Thing Happen to You

And rightfully so. Here's a little story from Deuce of Davenport about a man from Philadelphia who is a Dallas Cowboys fan. He flew down to Dallas for the Eagles-Cowboys game on Monday night, and a bunch of his expensive Cowboys' memorabilia got stolen, along with his computer. Serves him right.

Here is a picture of this mongaloid asshole, who deserves any and all bad things that have happened and will happen to him in his pathetic, horrid life.

His name is Bruce Marziani. If you see him on the street, make sure he gets a nice punch in the face.

Chimpanzee Rage has some great lines in his short post. Check it out. Here are some highlights:

This guy here is Bruce Marziani, he's from Philadelphia and he's a Dallas Cowboys fan...for no reason whatsoever. We all know people like this, from a town with thriving sports franchises yet rooting for another team from another town that probably has had some recent success or is the rival of the home team town and we all hate them.

Amen to that.

Of course its wrong to blame the victim, but i'm just saying, karma is a bitch...root for your home team or the Football Gods will apparently deal with you in unfortunate ways. Its not his fault his stuff got jacked, but it is his fault he's a Dallas fan and for that, there are consequences.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Except for the part about it being wrong to blame the victim. Occasionally, it is warranted. And like he said, there are consequences for being a Dallas fan, especially if you are from Philadelphia.


  1. My oh my do you need some therapy, maybe? The guy is a cowboys fan and is from Philadelphia. What is the big deal? It sounds to me like you suffer from an inferiority complex. Such a potty mouth....typical of ignorant people.

  2. Written tongue-in-cheek 3 years as per the linked article, but yes, I do agree I need therapy. Thanks for reading