Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Matt Millen Fired

Fellow Penn State alum Matt Millen, after inexplicably keeping his job for seven years, has finally been fired as Lions GM and president.

This is only about, say, six and half years too late. In Millen's reign, the Lions were a paltry 31-84, the worst record in the NFL in that span, and he's picked bust after bust in the draft.

Still, as a former All-American at Penn State and four-time Super Bowl winner, I've grown to like Millen. He was a pretty good broadcaster before destroying the Lions and crushing the souls of every Detroit inhabitant. And back when I was in college, Millen came to Penn State to speak with sports journalism students. This was right after Millen was fined for failing to interview any minority candidates before hiring Steve Mariucci. He was very candid, honest and eloquent as a speaker, believe it or not. He talked about how right when the head coaching position opened up, the Lions wanted Mariucci. He thought it would be disrespectful to parade in candidates that the Lions had no intention of hiring because Mariucci was their guy. Whether you agree with that sentiment or not, he made a pretty good case for his argument.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Millen back then and listening to his perspective. But man, that guy should have been axed a long, long time ago. He and Billy King should teach a class on how to keep your job for a long time despite absolutely sucking at it. I know I'd take that class, and there aren't two more qualified people in the world to teach it.


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