Friday, September 26, 2008

Turns Out Seahawks Fans are Horrible People

At least one is anyway. Even I find this to be offensive, and I don't really find many things offensive. Although, it was creative I guess.

Go to Deadspin for more, because I'm not touching that one here. But I would like to say I hate the Giants.


  1. HOLY SHIT!!! I WANT THIS FUCKIN ASSHOLE DEAD. I want to find this guy and take him around to all the fire houses in NYC and show them this posting and leave him at each house for 20 minutes they'll straighten his ass out

  2. And Philly fans always get called the worst …

  3. We'll Philly fans did throw snowballs at Santa Clause which is crazy. But i don't think that any Philly fan much as they might hate NYC would do anything like that. This guy obviously has his head buried up his ass and shit for brains. He should have his balls ripped off with a rusty fork and fed back to him.