Friday, September 26, 2008

A letter to the Marlins

Dear Florida Marlins,
Guys, I know you have nothing to play for, but for the love of God, just win. I hate the Mets. You hate the Mets. Go out there and kick the shit out of them. You guys are young, talented, and have six months off after Sunday. All I'm asking is that you go out there and give the Mets hell. Also, please throw a fastball at Jose Reyes' face. If you want to throw at David Wright's wrist and break it, you can do that.

Thank you,
Every Phillies fan alive.

For a team facing one of the worst teams in baseball with a one game lead and three games left, I do not feel very good right now. I try not to be a pessimist(Ed note: Really?), but dang it, I'm nervous. Maybe it's because the Phillies have made the postseason so few times in my lifetime so I'm not used to the Phillies playing important games, but I'm downright nervous right now. With their offense, there should be no question that they could win, but who knows what starting pitching staff will show up? I don't want the wild card either for the Phillies. I want the NL EAST and I want to tell every New York Mets fan in this area to shut the fuck up again you dumb, arrogant motherfuckers. This is it Phillies. Don't get scared now. You have your entire season in your hands. Just fucking beat the Nationals and you are the NL EAST champions again. If they make the playoffs, they will face either the Dodgers or Brewers. Two teams you just swept. Things could not look any better for you. Yet somehow I'm still nervous.

Also, in University Park, Penn State has a chance to show the entire country that their offense is the real deal. A night game in Beaver Stadium, with an entire stadium white out, they face the Fighting Illini. (I think White outs should be meant for student sections only. If you are alumni and want to act like a student, try standing on your feet the whole game and screaming your lungs out while the Nittany Lions are on defense.) A huge win over Illinois will put fear into the hearts of the entire Big 10. This is a top 25 ranked team and a team that beat them last year.(That was Anthony Morelli's fault by the way. The guy decided to throw 4 INTs in the last 18 minutes of that game.) The stadium should be electric and with Mo Evans back, the d-line should get much needed help.

Also, Juice Williams does not scare anyone. I've seen Juice Williams play before and let's just say I'm not impressed. Complete a few more passes and we'll talk. This should be a 28 point win. Anything less and I'm punching someone on College Ave after the game.

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